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The complete re-design and overhaul the Runescape website was by far my biggest project to date. The website plays host to the largest online browser based game in the world, attracting millions of players a day the game boasts more than 200 million player accounts created since launch 7 years ago. Once home to the most trafficked forums in Europe, the website consists of more than 100 unique page designs not including a large community driven Wiki.


A number of languages were used on this project but mainly HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and an in house server side language. I was part of a team of six developers, taking roughly five months to complete from initial planning stages to completion of build and live. During the build I created jQuery plugins for re-use across other products, countless server side functions and re-usable CSS and HTML. Heavy use of the SCRUM methodology and GIT revision control were used during the entirety of this project to assist with development.


The website attracted hits within the millions in the first 24 hours of it’s release and has carried that trend on consistently to this day. The website was recognised industry wide as a great success, being reviewed by international games related websites and magazines.