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Jagex Careers

Jagex Careers


This project came about due to the enormous amount of jobs available Jagex Games Studio. The complete redesign of the Jagex Careers portal took roughly two months and has been integrated outsourced jobs CMS known as Jobvite built into the site and a mobile version. The portal attracts thousands of visitors a day and hundreds of applications a week, giving the Jagex Careers Facbook page 1,000 more likes than it did previously.


I used a number of languages, mainly HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and an in house server side language. The website was built by a team of three developers, taking roughly one month to complete from initial planning stages to completion of build and live.

The website relies heavily on JavaScript for it’s effects and animation but has been built to be used without. I put a few days into building a partial physics engine using canvas for the rendering and JavaScript for the logic which can be seen at the top of any one of the about pages.


The Jagex Careers Facebook page attracted 1,000 more people than usual and Jagex are receiving more applicants per week than they ever have before.